Our Chassis

We have a chassis for every type of racing you might encounter.  Below are descriptions of our race proven models

SS31 (TAG).

The SS31 was specifically designed for the TAG Engine single speed market in mind. Made from the highest grades of 30mm chromoly tubing the SS31 gives driver great lateral feel during long/fast corners while not limiting engine torque coming out of tighter radiused corners. The SS31 was developed to take on all TAG Engines and Tires  

B50 Baby Kart.


The B50 Baby Kart is the perfect start for every young child’s dream of getting behind the wheel and goinbg as fast as possible. With a fully adjustable pedal system that accomidates children of almost every shape and size. With an easy mantince mechanical braking system and sturdy 25mm tubular frame design, the B50 is perfect for both driver and parent looking to get into the sport of karting. 


The GT14 was specifically designed for the 6 speed gearbox speed market in mind. Made from the highest grades of 32mm chromoly tubing the GT14 gives drivers great braking stability into slow corners with exceptional traction while getting back to power. The GT14 was developed to take on all 6 Speed Shifter Engines and Tires  


The all new GFC RR5 Cadet is an all 28mm tubular design that meets all current CIK/FIA 2020 Homologation Standards. Made with the highest grades of chromoly steel the RR5 can be used with all Cadet engine packages making it one of the best platforms for any young driver to start his/her career.

Team GFC

Team GFC

In less than 3 years Team GFC and the GFC Chassis line has already won numerous races both in Regional and National style events



From beginners to seasoned Karters looking to take their talents to the next level, Team GFC can help you reach personal goals with detailed Coaching and Development. 


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