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2022 GFC SS31 Specs

Tube Diameter: 30mm

Wheelbase: 1045mm

Rear Axle Diameter: 50mm

Stub Axle Diameter: 25mm

Bodywork: KG 507 Side Pod, Front Nose /508 Fairing

Fuel Tank: 8.5 Liter

Wheels: GFC Spec AMV 3F Magnesium

Wheel Hubs: Magnesium

Brake System: Hydraulic Floating

2022 Upgrades

  • KG 507/508 Bodywork kit with new graphic design.
  • Redesigned steering geometry to give drivers more stability and control upon initial turn in.
  • Redesigned rear brake caliper support for less brake deflection and more braking stability.
  • Redesigned floor tray for more comfort with taller drivers and upgraded mounting system to reduce welding on the primary tubes of the chassis.
  • Upgraded steering wheel with oval grip to give more comfort to the driver while reducing fatigue.
  • Redesigned bottom and top seat supports. Lower support becoming a bolt on support for easier and more efficient seat installation. Upper support has been reinforced for more durability.
  • Redesigned pedal mounting system that allows more pedal range along with reducing welding onto the primary tubes of the frame.
  • Relocated fuel tank placement to help weight distribution changes during long races.
  • Redesigned exhaust mounting supports to allow more adjustability to adapt all engine types along with a weight reduction from previous model.
  • Redesigned throttle cable housing locator to allow more range of adjustability.
  • Integrated fuel line support system
  • Redesigned rear bearing supports with more rigidity and weight reduction.
  • Redesigned chain guard single piece mounting system with quick release pin system.
  • GFC Exclusive AMV 3F Wheel Design
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